Yamini Vepa is a junior in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Economics. Someday, she hopes to own her own clinic working on women and children’s health issues, especially in areas that do not have easy access to these kinds of resources. She brings optimism, organization, research/creative thinking to the coreteam!




Timosha Krivtsov, the kid likes to create. Good at connecting the dots. “We gotta start being kids again.”



Shankho Bhattacharjee is a sophomore majoring in Business looking forward to get into Human Resource Management with a minor in International Business. Heavily inspired by early labor union history, he firmly believes in strength in numbers and good faith bargaining. While working together with OptimizeMSU he wishes to help out all individuals with ideas, dreams and passions to build teams to actualize their goals. With constant goofiness he is an endless morale boost to every single person around him.




Marc Maldaver is a junior majoring in Human Biology and Finance. Inspired by the student leaders he saw while serving on ASMSU’s Student Allocations Board, he wanted to empower more students to complete their goals and have an impact in their community and beyond.




Malik Jackson is a Chemical Engineer with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is a very passionate person when it comes to doing business startups, helping out, and doing research. He is currently working on a company called Trinhydral to help bring clean water to others in need.



Jazz Overholt is a junior at Michigan State University studying Sustainable Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, and double minoring in Anthropology and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Her passions all surround the common theme of creating a difference in social structures, whether that is environmental, political, or for social justice. She hopes to ignite these passions into a tangible reality by the time she graduates and carries on her legacy as a spartan throughout her career.